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March Caregiver Award Winner

Will Reller of Gentiva Hospice receives award after being nominated by Jan Cico, Office Manager at Gentiva Hospice.

Pictured: Daren Forbes Horan & McConaty VP/COO, Will Reller Chaplain Gentiva Hospice, Jan Cico Office Manager Gentiva Hospice, Jennifer McBride VP Grief Support Horan & McConaty

“Will Reller is never too busy for anyone. He goes above and beyond when there is a need. He is very easy to talk to; he is a good listener and has good advice. He has a wonderful reputation in the facilities and is sought out by his peers as well. He is mild mannered and has a wonderful calming sense about him. Will is always ready and willing to do Memorial Services, attends funerals, is a wonderful spiritual counselor, and always has our patient’s best interest at heart. Always smiles and goes the extra mile for everyone”, said Jan in her nomination.

Congratulations Will! Thank you for your kind and uplifting devotion to your colleagues and patients.

February Caregiver Award Winner

Shalom Hospice Jolain GrafWe are honored to award our February 2013 Hospice Caregiver Award to Margaret Hapeman with Shalom Hospice.

Margaret was nominated by Jolain Graf, Chaplain & Assistant Director at Shalom Hospice.

“We enthusiastically recommend Margaret Hapeman for the Hospice Caregiver Award. Margaret tends to all her patients with heart, mind and soul. She goes the extra mile, paying attention to the small things that make patients happy. She has stopped to pick up a soft drink, hamburger or shake to share with one of her patients. Margaret also takes care of the staff in the facilities she serves. She bakes cookies for holidays and takes them out for a special treat. Margaret is clinically strong, a true patient advocate, supportive of the nurses who work with her, and shares her delightful sense of humor with all she meets.

Margaret works in the community.  She has Lowry Park where she cares for a lot of Medicaid folks.  Her heart is in caring for people who do not have anyone or who have special needs.  She has had several deaf patients and some who barely survive.  She is great with men who need someone to give them a “bad time” so they trust her.  She is fun!”, said Jolain in her nomination.

Congratulations Margaret.  Thank you for your caring devotion, joyful spirit and kindness to the community!

Hospice Caregiver Award Winner

We are pleased to announce our first Caregiver winner.  Each month we will select one Caregiver to honor based upon a review of nominations received from peers, friends, patients and their families, and others who feel a particular person excels in her or his profession. The monthly winner will receive a gift card that can be used for whatever the recipient decides and an award.

Congratulation to our January 2013 winner Leslie Abbott, a nurse with The Denver Hospice.

January 2013 winner Leslie Abbott, a nurse with The Denver Hospice.

Pictured: John Horan, President Horan & McConaty, Leslie Abbott, a nurse with The Denver Hospice, Judi Pring, Executive Director at Sunrise Senior Living at Pinehurst and Jennifer McBride, MA, FT, DM VP Horan & McConaty

Here are a few words from Judi Pring, Executive Director at Sunrise Senior Living at Pinehurst about why she nominated Leslie. “She is compassionate, knowledgeable and professional. When families are struggling with the dying process, Leslie has a way of putting them at ease through her presence and her vast knowledge. I really appreciate Leslie’s understanding of the Alzheimer’s disease process and the impacts of dementia on a person and on families. She is an expert with this population and understands the unspoken needs of these residents. She displays an extra measure of compassion to families as they deal with their struggles watching a loved one suffer from this disease. If I had to choose a hospice care provider for my own family, I would not hesitate in choosing Leslie. “, says Pring.

Thank you Leslie for all you do for patients and families, your fellow caregivers, and our community!

Watch for our next winner.

To nominate a caregiver go to www.sacred-transitions.com


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