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Military Funeral Planning Elements

A military funeral is a memorial service for veterans, soldiers, marines, and other military notables. The military funeral is made up of elements, “funeral honors” that can be incorporated into the fallen soldier’s funeral service, if his/her family should choose to.

Possibly the most commonly incorporated funeral honor incorporates the American Flag. The draping of the American Flag on the casket is done by placing the blue section of the flag at the head of the casket, over the left shoulder of the deceased.

The flag folding ceremony is a military funeral honor representing the principles of which our country was originally founded, with every fold symbolizing a different aspect, starting with the symbol of life.

The performance of Taps is also often played to conclude a military funeral. If TAPS is played, it is done by using a single bugle, performed by a buglar or a recording of one.

Other funeral honors that have been incorporated into military funeral ceremonies, include the presence of a rider-less horse, an escort military band and platoon, an aerial flyover or a horse-drawn caisson. These traditions have evolved and depending on officer rank are more appropriate.

Military funeral service are governed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Soldiers and veterans with honorable discharge are eligible to receive this honor, with the exception of those who have been indicted for a capital.

Our funeral directors are experienced and knowledgeable with military funeral services and honors, and would be more than willing to help make arrangements for honor guards, funeral honors, military cemetary burials, and other elements of a military funeral.

Benefits of pre-planning a funeral

Although many people don’t like talking about death, it’s a very important topic to discuss with those that are closest to you. By sharing your wishes now, you will relieve the burden associated with trying to make the “right” decision on how arrangements should be made. This insight will give peace of mind to those closest to you, especially in the event of a fatal accident, illness or injury.

By planning your own funeral in advance, you will allow for those closest to you to concentrate on the difficult process of grieving and coping with the loss without the worry of details such as choosing flowers for your coffin, clothes for you to wear, or even the cost of burial or cremation.

In terms of cost, pre-planning fully eliminates the emotional overspending that often results from from grief or guilt, while also relieving you and your family from future financial responsibility. Our funeral home has options to make sure your funeral is fully funded and price protected years in advance of your need.

Pre-planning gives you the opportunity to personalize your funeral and make it a tribute to the life you lived. It’s a great way to get your loved ones involved and can make a difficult experience a more positive one. To walk through our pre-planning guide, please visit the following link: http://www.horancares.com/_mgxroot/page_10818.php.


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