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Serving all of Denver Metro, since 1890

Horan & McConaty staffs their seven locations with some of the most caring, kind, compassionate, professionals in the industry. The company hasn’t grown just for the sake of growth, but out of a desire to provide care in the areas in which they are needed. It’s all in keeping with the philosophy which started it all, more than 100 years ago.

The story of Horan & McConaty begins in 1890, when the Horan family came to Denver with little more than hopes, dreams, and a team of horses. Their dream was to start a funeral home, because it was what they knew they did best. To them, it was much more than a business; it was a calling. They set out to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of families coping with end of life decisions, doing work with meaning, and building more than just a business.

Today, over a century later, the dreams of the Horan family live on in Horan & McConaty. It’s still family owned, and still runs on one key premise: what’s important is not the business, but the families the business serves. Each person at Horan & McConaty is empowered to do the right thing, giving families what they need, with the freedom which comes from working for a local, family owned business, and not a corporate chain.

For all of those reasons, Horan & McConaty has been recognized by the Denver community in a variety of ways. John Horan has been the chairman of the board of The Denver Hospice since 2003, and he was also president of the Board of Selected Independent Funeral Homes, which his great-grandfather started in 1917.  Additionally, Horan & McConaty has been honored with numerous awards, including service provider of the year.

The kudos which mean the most to the family, though, are the thank you notes and calls they get from customers. This recognition from families they’ve served tells them all they need to know: they’re living up to the dreams of their forebears, and running the business the way those early Horans would’ve wanted, built from the heart.

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