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Meet Dan Farley: A Hero in Our Community


One of the unsung heroes in our community, Dan Farley is a committed husband, a loving father and grandfather, and a devoted public servant.  For many years I have had the privilege to know Dan and observe his commitment to helping firefighters and their families.  With a history of public service, specifically in public safety, Dan tirelessly steps forward and leads with a smile, and an attitude of gratitude for the opportunities to contribute to the betterment of our community.  We asked Dan several questions about his life and career.

• When did you join and retire from the Denver Fire Department? I decided to leave Wheat Ridge Police Department and join the Denver Fire Department in 1977.  I retired in 2008 with the rank of Engineer, about 3 months short of 32 years with the Denver Fire Department.
• How many years have you been involved with the Denver Firefighters Museum? I was initially involved in 1992 doing construction work. I was the Executive Director from 1998 to 2001. I have been the unofficial caretaker of the “museum rig” E-04 since 1999.
• May we share a link for people to donate to the museum? Please do! We have two ways to donate: the E-04 account and the general fund, and it goes without saying we’re tax deductible for any donations. That can be services also, we’re always looking for construction vendors that are in the tax implication periods and can’t necessarily donate cash but can donate services. This is considered an “in kind” donation and is tax deductible.
• Why do you donate so much of your time to supporting firefighters? I’ve experienced three brotherhoods: the ‘foxhole’ brotherhood from my all expenses paid trip of the world sponsored by Uncle Sam as a grunt in the Army, the ‘Blue Badge’ of courage as a cop, and the ‘Red Badge’ of courage as a fireman. Of the three there is a very distinct bond with the Red Badge members and it’s easily one that I can identify with most. The times have changed some and recently I’ve felt some angst with our young ones but I know when the chips are really down they’re there and it’s heartfelt with a different commitment mind set.
• What makes the E-04 Memorial program special to you? It’s one I helped get off the ground, and have been closely attached to since our first funeral in August of 1998. My best friend, father and uncle have all been firemen and without question it’s so gratifying to see the faces on the family members when they see E-04 there just for their loved one. It’s at their disposal for the day and we’ll do whatever we can to make that saddest of all days somewhat easier if we can. If you could see the sparkle of those eyes just once knowing it’s about E-04 and the Memorial Program it’s riveting and addictive.
• How many times per year do you run E-04 for funerals? We average about 12 to 15 DFD member funerals a year. Some years have been less and some more and without question the ultimate sacrifice of our brothers that have died in the line of duty is the hardest. So to be carrying the casket of one of our own in that rig, E-04 is so special because it’s a program like no other in the United States that we know of. I know I’m contacted often from other departments wanting this history and guidance for setting up similar programs for them.

Dan Farley is the kind of man who should be celebrated, and at Horan & McConaty we’re proud to call him a friend. Committed to serving the Denver community for more than a century, Horan & McConaty believes in honoring everyday heroes, and the deep connections they create and foster. We’re also proud to help celebrate the people in your life, through signature services that honor a life well lived. For more information on how we can help you and your loved ones, visit our website or give us a call at (303)743-8804.horan-withsig


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