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ThankYouImageThis wonderful note reinforces the importance of having team members who are warm, kind, and professional.  Kudos to our funeral director, Abby Sweeney!

-John Horan

Good afternoon Mr. Wellensiek.

I hadn’t been involved in a family Memorial service, up close anyway, before May of this year. My father passed on Mother’s day this year.

I went with my mother and brother to the Horan & McConaty facility on South Wadsworth. We had an appointment, or so I thought, but it appeared upon our arrival that no one was expecting us.

That’s when we met Abby Sweeney. I’ll admit, I had some preconceived, unfounded, ideas about the kind of people we would meet at the Horan & McConaty facility. Abby dispelled my negativity very quickly. She put us at ease and genuinely seemed to care for and about us. At the end of our initial meeting I felt as if we had really added a caring person to our grieving family.

Abby called the cemetery for us, and set an appointment for us to meet with them. There was quite a contrast to the warm professionalism we were received with by your team.

As we worked through arrangements during the week we felt supported and helped by Abby and others at Horan & McConaty. We made several calls and emails to Abby and always got timely and helpful responses. I went to the Lakewood office, met two more ladies of your excellent staff, handed off picture files and chose music for the very nicely edited picture presentation done by your willing and helpful team.

From preparation and through the week Abby was there for us. At the graveside service Abby and the team were helpful, supportive and always appropriately positive. At the church, for the memorial, Abby was a great resource when we had questions about how and what to do.

I’m not sure what else I can say. Abby and the others we met from the Lakewood team did an excellent job for our family. I just wanted to let you all know.

Many thanks to your team for helping us make what could have been a very trying time, into a time we could focus on family and friends instead of logistics and facilities.         

Kevin R.

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