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Meet Tom Folkert

Thomas Folkert is the Vice President- Advance Planning at Horan & McConaty. He attended Hope College in Holland, Michigan and is a Certified Pre-planning Consultant. Tom has been in funeral service for 37 years.  Here’s what he had to say about living well and being prepared.

What does “Live Well” mean to you? I am active in my church and serve on the board of the St. Martin’s Chamber Choir. I enjoy exploring new sites in the Greater Denver area.

What is the most important thing families should know about you? I am passionate about the delivery of a quality funeral service. My family has been in this profession for over 100 years, and I am proud to be a part of it.

Why is it so important to preplan? Life takes many turns.  There are many things we need in life; transportation, food, lodging, the love of a family and unfortunately, someday, we will all need a funeral.  It’s important to make decisions with the one’s you love, when you have the resources to do so.  Decisions made together are more sound than decisions made after someone is gone.

What is the most important thing families should know about Horan & McConaty? I wish families could understand the dignity and respect that is shown by our care center and crematory staff in every case.  The level of professionalism here is unsurpassed.

Why should families choose Horan & McConaty? When they deal with Horan & McConaty they can be assured that they are dealing with people who have the highest ethical standards.

Call Tom today to start the conversation.  He can be reached at 303-743-8804 or if you’d prefer you can email him at tfolkert@HoranCares.com.

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