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Compassionate Professional Lyman Wheeler

Lyman Wheeler is the Location Manager & Funeral Director at our South Denver location. He is a graduate of Wichita State University in Wichita, KS and Central State University in Edmond, OK.  Lyman is a Kansas Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer and has been in funeral service for 30 years.

What does “Live Well” mean to you? I spend a great deal of time with my dogs and my friends (in that order.) I invest a lot of time at the gym, biking, and running.

What is the most important thing families should know about you? As a former funeral home owner, my commitment to each family’s overall experience, and to their wishes, is greater than they would expect.

What is the most important thing families should know about Horan & McConaty? Families should know that Horan & McConaty is a place where the “right thing” is always done, without question. Making a difference in people’s lives is much more than just a motto here.

Why should families choose Horan & McConaty? A funeral experience is one that cannot be repeated or later improved upon, and we understand the importance of getting it perfect the first time. Most people go through a significant death very few times in their lives, and those moments should have a purposeful, profound impact. We understand that.

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