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Let Your Clergy Know How Much They are Appreciated

It is Clergy Appreciation Month! Whether you go to a church, synagogue, temple, or some other place of worship or of special religious significance, take time in October to simply say thank you to those who serve and help you in your spiritual journey.

Everyone needs more than just a handshake from time to time to let them know you appreciate their hard work and spiritual leadership.

Here are some simple ways to show your appreciation:

  • Make a special effort to pray for him/her every day this month and let them know you are doing so.  Invite others to join you!
  • Send a card or write a quick email letting him/her know you appreciate his teaching and leadership and tell them how they have helped you grow in your spiritual journey.
  • Add an extra thank you in your greetings and conversations with them.
  • Offer a helping hand.  Rake those fall leaves and take care of some yard work.  Offer up any services that might lighten his/her burden for a day.    
  • Make a special gift offering.
  • Bake a pie or bring lunch to a staff member or volunteer.
  • Invite him/her and their family over for dinner one night. 

How do you honor your spiritual leader?  We’d love to hear your ideas so please share them throughout the month here on the blog and on Facebook!

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