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Living To 100 and Beyond

We recently learned of Besse Cooper, the oldest person to ever live, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Besse turned 116 years old during August 2012.

Besse was born the year that Utah became admitted as a state (the 45th state), and the year the first Olympics were held.It’s astonishing to realize the advances that took place in her life time. When she was a child, it was very different from today. Actually, in her early teens, the first zipper was used in clothing.

What we found rather amazing about Besse (beyond the fact that she’s lived to be 116), is her secret to longevity. Besse stated, “I mind my own business, and I don’t eat junk food.”

There has been research done on Centenarians (people that live to be over 100 years old), and the results showed that there are six factors that Centenarians have in common, they:

  • tend to focus on the positives (complain less)
  • continue learning and challenging their mind
  • love life (very optimistic)
  • are more satisfied with their financials
  • live life to the fullest
  • have healthy habits (less salt/sugar, more exercise and good oral hygiene).

There is much we can learn from Besse and the research that has shown the common factors of Centenarians. How do you plan on applying these common factors? How will you live life to the fullest?

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you want to live to be 100? Why/Why not? If so, what are your plans to do today, tomorrow and the rest of your life to live to be 100?

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