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Support During This Difficult Time

Now more then ever we need to be mindful of caring for ourselves and for others around us. We have all been deeply affected by this tragedy. HeartLight Center is a place for grief education and support. The most powerful gift we can offer is a place of community where people are welcomed, honored, and cared for as they integrate what has happened.

Please remember…

Give expression to your thoughts and feelings- verbally, in writing, through exercise and movement.

Be kind to yourself and tolerant of fluctuations in energy and emotions.

Others may express their feelings in very different ways than we do. Seek to understand.

Being outdoors and connecting with nature can help to literally ground us.

There will be two events taking place at the HeartLight Center:
The Labyrinth at HeartLight Center

Walking with our Grief
Monday, July 30, 2012 7pm

“Life is a constant traveling in the labyrinth, arriving and moving on, finding one’s way to the center and then leaving it, proceeding into the path ahead.” Another writer says, “The labyrinth is a sacred place, set aside for reflections, beginning a healing process, bringing comfort in times of grief.” Come and spend time walking with others who are grieving and use the HeartLight Center labyrinth as a source of guidance through the community’s pain and your own personal grief journey.

Coping With Sudden, Traumatic Loss
August 6 and 20 at 7pm

For more information please visit the HeartLight Center’s website:
HeartLight Center- Parker Rd. & Dartmouth Ave. 720.748.9908 www.heartlightcenter.org

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