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Online Account Wishes

With the growth of the Internet, a whole new world of banking and interactions has formed. With this, more rigid security measures have been created to protect one’s confidential information.

Security measures on many websites are no longer limited to only a username and password, but also a second level of security, in the form of a security question or pin. These security measures are to keep hackers away, but they also may make it difficult for a family member of someone who has recently passed away to access these accounts.

Although this issue was non-existent a couple decades ago, today families are finding themselves struggling with accessing, managing and closing online accounts of loved one’s who have passed.

Requesting online account access has also become a difficult process. Even email services and social media websites require proof of death, proof of relationship to the deceased, and copies of the will. These requirements and processes may take several weeks or months to process, before access is granted.

If you haven’t already done so, we urge you to consider adding a digital executor to your will, granting permission to control the online accounts, including specific details on how you would like the accounts handled. A list of all accounts, usernames and passwords should either be included in the will or stored in a safe place, whether online or offline.

If you have passwords that are changed often, it may be more appropriate to store passwords with a password service, or in a place other than the will, as it could be costly to continuously make updates to your will.

We encourage you to take these steps in helping make the process of accessing, managing and closing accounts easier on your loved ones.

Honoring Officer Jeremy Bitner

Today marks the service of Police Officer Jeremy Bitner, who was struck by a drunk driver while making a traffic stop early on May 28, 2012, and passed away.

We are honoring Officer Bitner’s dedication to protecting others and the service he provided to our community. He will always be remembered. Our hearts go out to all of his friends and family.

We are sharing the thin blue line in his honor today. The Thin Blue Line is a symbol of support for law enforcement officers and is used among fellow officers. The blue represents officers and the courage they have when facing insurmountable odds. The black background is a constant reminder of all officers who have fallen. The line is what police officers protect; it’s the barrier between order and chaos. Together, they symbolize the camaraderie law enforcement officers all share, the brotherhood like no other. Today, please share this photo with the Thin Blue Line in honor of Police Officer Jeremy Bitner. May he rest in peace.

Read Officer Jeremy Bitner’s Obituary


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