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Loneliness on Valentine’s Day

Along with other holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day can be a particularly difficult time of loneliness, especially if you have lost your spouse.

While all of the television commercials and retail stores are packed with roses, hearts, candy, and messages of love, these messages may deepen feelings of distance between the life you once had with your spouse, and the one you lead today.

If you are experiencing these feelings, we suggest that you plan on doing something on Valentine’s Day. Plan your day to help in overcoming loneliness. Here are some suggestions:

1. Prepare your spouse’s favorite meal and invite friends and family over to enjoy it with you.

2. Visit your spouse’s resting place. If you’d like, bring a poem or card to read.

3. Spend time with others you love, possibly children, grandchildren, or good friends. Re-define the romantic holiday into another form of love, the love for close friends and family. If you feel up to it, reminisce of past Valentine’s Days you shared.

Valentine’s Day can be an opportunity to share memories, and reflect on the wonderful moments had with your loved one. Sharing your stories and memories with others you are close to can be a truly great way to share your love and surround yourself with goodfeelings this Valentine’s Day.

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