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Financial Aspects of Pre-Planning A Funeral

There are many benefits to pre-planning funeral arrangements. It provides peace of mind and can greatly reduce stress for your family, and costs of the funeral can be controlled, allowing you to make decisions based on your budget.

We are often asked about payment options when pre-planning. Payment in full guarantees the price of the funeral service and merchandise you have selected.

Pre-funding through life insurance is becoming a growing trend. Funding with insurance coverage or a trust are two ways pre-funding is handled.

Most importantly, you are protected. Funding of your pre-planned services is backed by a national industry leader in preneed insurance.

In addition, there are also tax benefits. Our plan provides life insurance benefits that are exempt from federal income tax when paid to a named beneficiary. Neither the increasing value of the coverage nor the total benefits paid at the time of death are taxable on a federal income tax level.

Do you have questions about pre-planning or the financial options available? Leave us a comment.

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