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The Cremation Process

It’s very important to all of us at Horan & McConaty that all your questions are answered on all topics pertaining to death, funerals and cremation. Often times, we are asked about cremation, so we’d like to share some information to help you with questions you may have.

Starting with what cremation is, it is a process of reducing the human body to bone fragments using high heat and flame. The equipment used for cremation operates between 1500 and 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

After the cremation is complete, all organic bone fragments, are collected and placed in a cooling pan. All non-consumed items, like metal are separated from the cremated remains. Remaining bone fragments are then processed to a fine size and placed either into an urn, selected by the family or a basic container, if an urn is not selected. Cremated remains have a coarse sand-like consistency and are light grey, almost white in color.

There are many ways to handle the cremated remains. They can be buried in a cemetery or cremation garden, kept at home, or scattered on private property. In more recent years, there have been more unique ways in handling remains, such as incorporating them into paintings and jewelry.

If you are considering cremation, we encourage you to carefully select a cremation service provider, as Colorado does not require licensure of its funeral homes and crematories.

At Horan & McConaty Funeral homes we have developed the most rigorous set of operating policies and procedures in order to maximize our level of quality. Positive identification of the deceased is assured throughout each stage of the cremation process. We only allow certified professionals to operate our cremation equipment.

If you would like more information on cremation, please visit our website: http://www.horancares.com/_mgxroot/page_10752.php or call (303)745-4418.

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