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In Attendance… Virtually

Imagine attending birthdays, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, baptisms and funerals “virtually.” It is said that grief shared is grief diminished and joy shared is joy multiplied. Do you believe that?

Under what circumstances is it appropriate to attend an event via webcast? How would you feel about your guests attending your birthday virtually instead of attending in person?

One might say that if a special person couldn’t make it, due to distances, or other circumstances, they’d rather they be present virtually than not at all, which is a very valid point. But who decides which reasons are “acceptable” or not, and at what point does it feel lonely, with more people attending virtually than in person.

As technology advances, human interaction and communication seems to be decreasing. Texting has eliminated many “two-minute” phone conversations, and more and more people are emailing messages as well.

With all the great advantages technology brings, it has created a disconnection in interpersonal daily activities. But, we must acknowledge that the significant events in life have a need for some level of personal touch, interaction and camaraderie.

Life’s most significant events, hellos and goodbyes, celebrations and consolations, can be addressed in a variety of ways. How do you feel about webcasting in this context? When is the convenience of webcasting the enemy of genuine and meaningful human interaction and when is it necessary and/or appropriate?

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