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Unique Ways to Handle Cremains

As cremation becomes an increasingly popular choice for many, there is an increase in new and unique ways to handle cremains, also known as cremation remains.

Traditionally, cremains are handled by placing them in an urn. Urns are made from a wide variety of material and come in many different styles, designs, shapes and sizes, allowing families to select one that has significance to their deceased loved one.

But placing and keeping cremains in an urn is not the only choice families have; Scattering them at sea is another common way for handling the ashes. In the US, this is not allowed, so the ashes would have to be scattered over international waters.

Other less-traditional ways to handle cremains include placing them in keepsake urns, such as pendants, or incorporating them into paintings, tattoos, or beads.

An artist in Pennsylvania has dedicated his artistic abilities to incorporating cremains into his artwork. He creates custom paintings based on something that is meaningful to the family. He is among several artists across the country focusing on “memorial art” using cremains.

Embraced Jewelry in New Hampshire has also found a way to incorporate cremains into unique keepsakes. Using cremains, they create beads that can be incorporated into bracelets, necklaces and rosaries.

The choice on how you handle the cremains of your loved one is based on what you feel is best. We hope you find closure and peace in making that decision.

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