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15 Family Summer Memories that will Last a Lifetime

The summer months go by fast, too fast. Although family vacations can be a great way to create memories and have some much-needed family time, there are many simple (and free) ways you can “LIVE” life and enjoy time with your family all summer long. Here are 15 of our favorites:

· Make home-made popsicles
· Blow bubbles
· Paint
· Play in a sprinkler
· Tie-dye t-shirts
· Swing/go to a park
· Have a picnic
· Watch fireworks
· Go swimming in a river.
· Go for a walk
· Pick berries

And on rainy days…
· Catch frogs
· Jump in puddles
· Snuggle up to a good movie
· Make Crafts

Life is precious, and time with family is important and often scarce. Take a step back and focus on activities that will have everyone in your family interacting in a fun way. Life is too short to overlook the simple things that will most likely create life-long memories for your children.

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