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Remembering those who have served or are serving on Memorial Day

Memorial day was established as a day all military personnel are honored, a day to commemorate those who died in military service and to pay tribute to their great sacrifice. With Memorial Day approaching, we remember and honor our fallen service personnel as well as all others who have already and currently serve our country.

There are a number of ways for you can commemorate or remember a fallen soldier or veteran during your Memorial day weekend celebration.

Send a letter to someone serving
Write a thank you note and express your appreciation to a soldier. If you don’t personally know anyone serving, check with FaceBook friends or do an online search. This is a great way to show an overseas serviceperson that they are truly appreciated for protecting our freedoms.

Plant a memorial garden
Pay tribute to your loved ones who have passed by planting a garden in their honor. This is a great way to remember your loved ones not only on Memorial day, but throughout the whole summer season.

Set up a memorial table
If you’re hosting a barbeque over the holiday weekend, set-up a side table with a picture of your fallen loved one. Place flowers around it, and a message stating “Today we remember…” Or serve a dish that was a favorite of your loved one. This is a reminder to friends and family of the meaning of Memorial day and will keep the spirit of the fallen friend alive.

Attend a memorial day parade or celebration
Veterans are usually honored at memorial day parades and celebrations. Attend a parade and support these men and women who have fought for our freedom.

Regardless of how you choose to spend the Memorial holiday weekend, enjoy and celebrate your freedom, while remembering those who have made great sacrificies for the freedoms we have. Happy Memorial Day!

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