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Blessing & dedication of the newest Horan & McConaty at 80th & Wadsworth in Arvada

On Friday, November 12th, we had the honor of welcoming the community into our newest location. We share the words of the blessing with you now…

We have a marvelous task set before us in our time together this afternoon. You, by your very presence, are helping Horan & McConaty to dedicate this new building, this chapel, this sacred space. Thank you for your help in doing that this afternoon.

May we please stand as we join our hearts and hands in prayer…

Oh God we pray that you will bless this place and all those who serve and who are served here with your gracious presence…

We light these four candles to represent what will guide all that we do in this place… that LOVE may be our inspiration… WISDOM our guide… TRUTH our light… and PEACE our benediction…

And now we ask you to share this light and these intentions with us.

Loving and gracious God, we join together to bless and dedicate and bless this building and this chapel. But truly, Lord, we ask you to bless the care that will be given here… the work done to help those who are grieving the death of someone they have loved. Use this place as a container, a sacred space worthy to hold individuals and families who come here to face lives that are forever changed… where broken hearts might be carefully handled… soothed by the care of others and connection with you, through readings, music, liturgies of all faiths and traditions. May these doors open wide to welcome in ALL people.

Bless this place and make it a safe haven where lives and relationships of all kinds are honored… where stories are shared and run the gamut from tears to laughter and back again. May ties be strengthened here… and for those ties that are in need of mending… may this be a place of reconciliation and peace. In a place where people come because a death has occurred, we ask you, Lord, to be ever present with us… so that life may be affirmed here.

Oh God we pray that you will bless this place and all those who serve here with your gracious presence… that your LOVE may be our inspiration… your WISDOM our guide… your TRUTH our light… and your PEACE our benediction…

We pledge our hearts and our lives to you and to those whom we are privileged to serve.


by Jennifer McBride


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