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Cupcakes at the funeral home?!?

by Jennifer McBride

I heard a wonderful story about something one of our funeral directors did that added that “extra touch” for a grieving family…

Debbie Winslow was making funeral arrangements with a family for a woman who had died. In the course of the conversation, laughter and tears that are a natural part of that process, Debbie heard the woman’s children talk about their fond memory of their mother’s cupcakes. At each of their birthdays, her children (now grown), she would send them to school with cupcakes for their whole class that were personalized with the name of each child in the class. They talked about how proud they were to bring these to their classmates…

When the family came in for their private viewing, before others would come later that day, Debbie had a tray with a cupcake for each of the family with their name written in icing!

Thank you, Debbie, for not only hearing what is shared with you, but also really listening and honoring the important treasures that are shared with us each day by those whom we are called to serve.

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